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I'm one who focuses on ideas more than aesthetic appeal. I also greatly prefer fanart to original work and am pretty deeply immersed in fandom. I pretty much have no shame.

Personally, I think I'm much better at coloring than I am at drawing.
This is a subject I've struggled with in many places besides here on dA, but I feel it's worth writing about, if for no reason to get it off my chest. I've been obsessively collecting stamps as of late, and every now and then I'll come across stamps with very offensive messages that pose as saintly advice. Here are some examples of such:

:thumb168836957: Anti-Bashing stamp by Miho-Nosaka-stamps Anti Bashing by DennyVuQuach :thumb163151261: i bash bashers by starbunnies Against Anti-Cosmo Stamp by Nijihamu-can Anti-hate by Insaneslasher Flaming Morons Stamp by luvusagi Anti-Bashing Stamp by Heart4Skies Pro-love Anti-Bashing stamp by Gingersnap87 Why Anti Stamp by PlusPurple Anti-bash stamp by TheMysticalAkatsuki They deserve respect too by InvaderPumpkinQueen

(I actually like some of the comments on the fifth stamp's page because they perfectly illustrate my point :D)

There are comments like this that really make me shake my head, too:

"That's why there's Anti-Character Bashing League in deviantART, and people have to understand that characters don't have to be perfect."

I think plenty of us understand that characters don't have to be perfect. They SHOULDN'T be perfect. However, there's a big difference between imperfection and being (in)tolerable.

"People often have much better things to do than bashing or flaming. They could have learned new languages, exercised for themselves to be stronger, and gone traveling to places on what they like."

Can't the same be said for people who waste their time complaining about flaming or bashing?

"People who actually hate fictional characters are immature in my opinion :/ Why waste their time hating on a character? There are characters I dislike,but I don't actually rant anymore about how annoying or useless they are. I can't believe I used to do that -_-"

Yes, what a horrible thing to do, ranting about things that piss you off. That's a TOTALLY unnatural and irrational thing to do and everyone who's ever done that should be ashamed of themselves. Venting anger in the most harmless way possible to a recipient that can't possibly be hurt by it, yes, that's VERY immature. Clearly in order to be mature, we have to bottle up all of our hate and never let it out and just pray our threshold for the stress is high enough to make it so that we never snap under our accumulated anger.

"i am sure they enjoy nothing if they really spend their free time doing hate art,groups etc."

That's right; if you dislike something strongly enough to complain about it, you are clearly an empty, joyless inhuman being.

"I hate people like those. I often trash THEM because they make such immature comments about them."

Well clearly that makes you the bigger man, now doesn't it? Bashing a fictional character? That's just sick and childish and wrong and you should feel bad for doing it. Bashing a real-life person for bashing a fictional character? Well, that makes you a hero to all mankind and the peak of refined maturity!

"My question to all these bashers is, if you hate this character/pairing so much, why are you giving them so much attention or ruining it for other people?"

I can't imagine how expressing hatred for something "ruins" it for other people unless said people are being targeted personally, so that makes no sense. And is it really that hard to comprehend how therapeutic venting on a subject you immensely dislike can be? "Giving attention" is completely irrelevant.

Moral of the story: contrary to what many want you to believe, there is actually nothing wrong with hating a character, pairing, form of media, or anything else. Even if your reasons for hating are less than stellar, if you aren't antagonizing people with your views, then it's no one's business but your own. And everyone should have the right to vent about whatever they hate, again, as long as they remain civil to the actual real-life people who may or may not agree. Sometimes, life can suck. It can be rough. That alone can bring about a lot of hatred and negative feelings that won't always go away by immersing yourself in something super-duper positive. Sometimes the only way to get it out of your system is to vent; the only alternative is to bottle it up until you inevitably explode, quite likely on someone innocent who doesn't deserve it. And rather than risking that, I think it's far better to go the safe route and just vent out my negativity on something I know I can't hurt.

It's easy to overlook the fans who can be just as bad, if not worse than a "hater", because more often than not they disguise their intolerance with moral appeal, and make blanket statements like the ones above. And really, if you hate anything, even haters, then by definition what does that make you other than a hater yourself?

Just some food for thought.


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